Jun. 1st, 2016 09:16 pm
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Concrit post for Angela Ziegler from Overwatch!

Player contact: PM

You know what to do o7!

Anon on and IP logging off.
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Hallo, you've reached Angela Ziegler, sorry I can't answer right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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Entry one
Entry two
Entry three
Entry four
Entry five


Talking to Snart about violence.
Happy Birthday Hermann
Qubit needs help (IC Inbox - Not for AC)
Tony and other versions of people
Jaime and Dick on Wally going.
Bones and lack of medical tech.
Hermann asks anon about names.
Inanna asks about gods/godesses.
Klarion and cake and...toothache...
Kagerou asks about name meanings.
Anon (Doc BTTF) asks how to fix a friendship.
Majority Report.
Silk and the dangerous road of MonMon Walk!
Doc that...that isn't how healing's done!
Felix IC Inbox, meetup? (Not for AC)
Loki and images of Yggdrasil.
Genji shows up.
Anon asks what makes people happy.
Sarissa and 90's pop.
Bianca tries to get people to do basic courses
Charles and Peter talk about Tony
Hunter is so quick to judge
Bruce IC Inbox, asking for a job. (Not for AC)
Cullen asks what to do when you can't sleep.
Hermann and world differences.
Reyes' invitation to Thanksgiving
Sherlock and the elaborate practical joke
Julian: What are you thankful for?
Newt asks for help for a gift
Xavier warns about the escaped prisoners.
Talks to Alistair about worst thing put in mouth.
HK-47 and holos
Dany and tech.
Mick and charity yoga!
Pablo and remembering people
Archie and social media.
Baelish and the library
Jean and her sleeping problem.
Newt comes back and he's sad.
Archie IC Box, need someone to talk to (Not for AC)
Jean talking about people going home.
Archie and vets.
George and asking for volunteers.
Godric and questions.
Niko is some 'tough' kid.
Mick looking for a new job :(
May asking about Archie.
Dylan asks why people drink.
Red shows up with Pikachu. Too cute.
Archie and May with egg hatching?
Gold passes the Florida bar.
Arthur talks suits.


Event: Road Not Taken - Healing Joker
Event: 4th of July - Qubit
Event: 4th of July - Shep
Event: AI monsters - Call from Qubit
Team Qubit
Meeting with Felix
Event: Ren Faire - Bruce Wayne
Event: Ren Faire - Shep
Event: Ren Faire - Kang
Move in day!
Advocate meeting about Tony
Meeting with Qubit about the Valkyrie suit.
Advocate meeting after Qubit leaves.
ReyesGiving: Clark
Blackout Event: Kid
Jan Swear-In: Archie
Archie and his past (IC Inbox - Not for AC)
Archie and Sharpedo
Soldat Event: Jacob
April Swear-In: Allura
April Swear-In: Archie
May Swear-In: Archie
May Swear-In: Jonathan Walsh
Wayne Enterprise, work update.
July Swear-In: Archie and Niko


September 2016
November 2016
January HMD
March HMD
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AGE: 29
PLURK: [ profile] zakurai
RETURNING: Current: Kon-El [personal profile] tactile_telekinesis

CHARACTER NAME: Angela Ziegler || Mercy
SERIES: Overwatch
CHRONOLOGY: After "Alive"
CLASS: Registered Hero
HOUSING: Herop #17
Job: School Nurse





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Dr. Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler

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